Częstochowa – Pauline Monastery on Jasna Góra

Częstochowa – Pauline Monastery on Jasna Góra

We invite you to visit the Pilgrimage Capital of Poland.

Jasna Góra Monastery is one of the most important places for Polish Roman Catholics and a popular pilgrimage destination since centuries. Since the medieval ages, more than 5 million Poles arrive year by year in pilgrim groups to visit Jasna Góra.

The Monastery was founded in 1382 by Pauline monks who came from Hungary invited by Władysław, Duke of Opole. Shortly afterwards, Prince Władysław brought to the Monastery the icon of Black Madonna from Red Ruthenia. According to tradition, the icon of Jasna Góra was painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist on a cedar table top from the house of the Holy Family.

During our walk through Jasna Góra we will get the opportunity to visit Chapel of the Miraculous Image, The Knights’ Hall and the Monastery’s Treasure-house. The Museum of the 600th Anniversary of foundation of the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa is located in the premises of the former printing office. The permanent exhibition offers an opportunity to get  acquainted with the history of the Pauline monks and  the phenomenon of the Black Madonna.

Jasna Góra is considered to be not only the Poland’s spiritual capital but it is also credited with miraculously saving the Jasna Góra monastery during a siege that took place at the time of The Deluge, a 17th-century Swedish invasion.

The elements of fortifications (The St. Roch Bastion) that preserved until today are available for tourists.


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