The Principality of Pless episode

The Principality of Pless episode

We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful cities, the pearl of the Upper Silesia – welcome to Pszczyna!

What is worth seeing in Pszczyna and its surroundings? 

  • Pszczyna Castle – a former princes’ residence

The last reconstruction was carried out in the second decade of 19th century and this is the form the castle can be admired today.

The castle changed the owners frequently in its history (the residence of Promnitz family members, then of the Hochberg von Pless family).

Together with the adjacent 156 ha park, a former princes’ castle is considered one of the most magnificent palace and park complexes in Poland.

The castle interior is famous for its 19th original furnishing that were preserved.

  • Open-air museum – Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej

The open-air museum called “Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej” covers about 2 hectare part of the eastern section of the Park. The water mill and the tower gate are among the most notable objects of the museum. Within the park, there are numerous of thematic workshops for children and adults.

  • The Prince’s Horse Stables

The complex of buildings which is situated nearby Pszczyna’s Castle. Most of the horse stables were erected in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Today, this stunning buildings serve as an exhibition where you can find the historic carriages as well as the vintage cars.

–    The Bison Centre

Paradoxically, if not the Pless family of avid hunters we might have not admired the biggest European mammals. These beautiful creatures came to Pszczyna as a gift from the Tsar of Russia in 1865. They participated in the restitution of their spices and saved it from extinction. There are 10 representatives of this precious species living in the model pen in Pszczyna. The Bison Centre is situated a few hundred meters from the Old Town.

  • The Old Town

The Old Town in  Pszczyna has preserved a medieval urban layout. The market square welcomes the visitors with the beautiful tenement houses. The most remarkable building of the Old Town is the Evangelical Church. The market square turns into a wonderful ice skating rink in the winter time.

  • Tyskie Brewery

Would you like to experience the brewing process by yourself? Tyskie Brewing Museum is the first establishment of its kind in Poland.  The museum is located in a  building of a former Evangelical chapel which was built in 1902. During the walk around the huge Tyskie vats which have been constantly working for more than 400 years, you’ll get a chance to learn the history and technology of gold liquid-making. At the end of the visit you will be served with a glass of one of the best quality beer in the world, straight from the Brewery.

  • The Hunting Palace in Promienice (Promienice Hunting Lodge)

The Hochbergs’ summer residence, built in the late 19th century in English neo-Gothic  style containing also some Swiss architectural elements.

The palace was built to host grand hunting parties in the surrounding forests, which were attended by rulers from all over Europe, including Emperor Wilhelm II.

Currently, it houses the luxury Noma Residence Promnice Hotel & Restaurant.

  • Water Tower Steampark Restaurant

The Steampunk Restaurant is located at the top of a 40 m Water Tower which was built in the early 20th century. The décor and atmosphere transports the diners to the steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction with the leitmotif of steam. The restaurant’s fame exceeds the borders of Poland – last time it earned the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator magazine.


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