Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Welcome to the trail of the Eagles’ Nests!

Arguably most of us have been dreaming about the time travel to the days of medieval knights, adorable ladies-in-waiting or laughing clowns. Actually it’s possible to make it happened during the trail of the Eagles’ Nests.

Eagle-nest Castles is a chain of medieval strongholds constructed on the initiative of King of Poland Kazimierz the Great in 14th century. The castles were erected to protect the western  frontier of the Polish Kingdom mainly from a Czech invasion. It is from these castles that the trail took its name – most of them can be found along the route that are perched atop high cliffs, like eagles’ nests.

Special for you we chose the most interesting castles in the Jura Upland.

Ogrodzieniec Castle in Podzamcze

Ogrodzieniec Castle  is one of the most famous fortresses lying along the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests. The charming character of this place is much appreciated by movie makers. For instance, it was used as an outdoor-scenery for the television series “Janosik” or  Andrzej Wajda‘s film “The Revenge“. Ogrodzieniec Castle was also showcased by legendary Heavy Metal group – Iron Maiden.

Ogrodzieniec Castle sightseeing is recommended especially for families with children. The is the rope park, toboggan run and adventure park, specifically aimed at a young audience. Don’t forget about the chivalrous parades in the summer time.

Caution! According to the legend the castle is guarded by a huge black dog! Beware!

Castles  in Mirów & Bobolice

The Bobolice Castle is situated less than a half hour walk from the twin fortress in Mirów. Both strongholds  were established in 14th century, during the rain of king Casimir III the Great. Following the wars with Sweden in 17th century, the Mirow Castle fell into an ever greater state of disrepair. It hasn’t been reconstructed since then. The last inhabitants left the fortress at the end of 18th century. Nowadays, only the exterior ruins of the castle can be admired.

This is not the case with the neighbouring castle. The Bobolice Castle is an example of the building which after centuries of being a ruin has been rebuilt and turned into a tourist attraction in 2011.

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Pauline Monastery on Jasna Góra